luigicool: Welcome Roman. The advice I got when I first came to this site was to start a game solo to get my feet wet before to jump into multiplayer since this game is long and unforgiving
Roman: Luigicool, thank you. I have started a game solo, still not sure if it helps, as many optins work only in competition. Is it possible to play a hotseat?
Toby: no, there is no built in hotseat
ngeunit1: Any trick to making Orion be able to buy from the Foreign Investor at face. We are seeing something weird in game 1334 with Orion and the FS.
Siddharth Venkatesh: No trick, I've been able to do so without any issues so far. Which phase did this happen? I can take a look to see what happened
Siddharth Venkatesh: Toby the Beginning link for v2 games seems broken. Is there a place for putting PR for Rolling stock?
Toby: @ngeunit1 i believe orion is broken on firefox, try using chrome
Toby: @siddharth, you can file PR's on github
unachimba9: does anyone else think rolling stock would work well as a euro?
unachimba9: the companies could produce cubes etc there are various formulas to buy them.
AngryTetris: The abstraction is part of the greatness of it; i think a good DIFFERENT game could be created in that vein, but I don't think this game needs that
unachimba9: AngryTetris? Is that an answer to me? If so, yes I was suggesting a different game. A euro game where the companies might produce or convert cubes and can be bought and sold, the corporations have special powers (much like V2) etc
AngryTetris: I'd play that
Toby: just played my preproduction copy of rolling stock stars in 2 hours. super fun. components very great
Toby: you should all preroder it if you haven't
KLT1963: Test
billbold: I signed up for a game yesterday. The game is now full. How does the game start?
billbold: My virus software considers this website a "dangerous URL". Is there any way to remove the google analytics tracker from the site?
Toby: your virus software sounds bad, most virus software are not great these days
Toby: you can just use ublock origin, an add blocker
billbold: Thanks.
Jason Stone: Are any of the new V2.2 games ok with a newcomer joinging?
Jason Stone: *joining
Jac: hello rolling stock players :)
triplejalltheway: yo
yoyoson: How can I tell how many stars a company is worth?
triplejalltheway: red=1, orange=2, \yellow=3, green=4, blue=5
yoyoson: Thanks
yoyoson: @Jason Stone feel free to join 1383, I’m also a newb
Jac: I want to practice this game. Does anyone want to play a fast game with someone who doesn't understand stars yet?
triplejalltheway: @toby watch out
triplejalltheway: Jac getting ready for RS
Danno: I'll play jac. I don't fully understand it either
Jac: @Danno, start a game and I'll join you...
Jac: hope it is going well :) your tat
Danno: okay!
Arun: @toby - can u please close out 1393 - we want to call it..
Toby: just auto pass both players
Toby: it will go to completion
Jac: thx toby
Boxer: @toby since is also your site are you going to bring the changes from there here or are you going to offer rolling stock as a game there?
Jac: started game 1397: open to anyone who wants to play fast
Jac: i’m new but looking to learn to get better
Jac: boxer should i start at 3 or wait ? @boxer
Boxer: @Jac, I would wait since it's stock based. I'm in other games too so no rush.
Jac: okay i’ll find more ppl :)
Danno: Jac, mind if I sit in on your game?
Jac: of course join danno
starchitect: hmm, game 1396 seems like it should have ended. We have been in blue for 2 rounds, but the game end trigger didnt happen. Are we missing something?
Jac: i think it goes until last share is bought or final SR price is reached
starchitect: oh its last share is bought, not the deck is out? ok. Well, I dont think any of us were catching up in that one
Jac: same but bobit needs to click all checkboxes to end it
Bobit: I don't think that's correct tho Jac
Bobit: rules say it ends the round after the final card on the company pile FLIPS
Bobit: and it flips once all companies are available
Bobit: not once all companies are bought
Bobit: nvm, it says "if there are no unowned companies left flip the game end card", I'm wrong
Jac: it’s okay
Jac: i think it was fine to call it: you were light years ahead
Jac: i’m not sure how to actually play this game well...
Toby: no plans to move rolling stock or enhance it
yoyoson: Is “rollback” only an option for the game’s creator?
Toby: yes
yoyoson: thanks.
Bobit: To anyone new to this site, there has been some success setting up live games with strangers on, usually with players new to rolling stock, so feel free to do that even if you don't play on
Akado: All right, where's my shining star?
Akado: Supposed to be leading me to the land of teaching this game, or generally astray, not sure which
starchitect: here
starchitect: do you see 1407?
starchitect: In New games. no fancy color coding
Akado: One min
Akado: In like Flynn
starchitect: woo
Boxer: Is there a way to update the email address you use with your account?
Michael Logan: related, is there a way to update username?
weisswurst: How can I change my password? The only way I see is through Forgot Password on the login screen, but it does not work. I got the message "Password reset sent", but I do not receive any email. Tried several times, ensuring I entered the corrrect email address. And yes, checked my spam folder.
weisswurst: Oh wait, they arrive after twenty minutes or (?).
Boxer: @weisswurst, cannot say. I opened a ticket for allow for an email change, if your password reset didn't work I will open one for that as well.
weisswurst: @Boxer, thanks, I have opened an issue already.
Boxer: Alright, sounds good.
AlexRockwell: I also had an issue with password reset. email took 4 hrs to arrive
Richard Northey: ......
TylerG: Anyone up for a live game?
Christopher Peterson: @tyler if i recall correctly it plays pretty well at two. Been awhile for me but I would play heads up.
mtsay: sign me up
Christopher Peterson: that works 2
mtsay: do people normally play with V2 rules?
Christopher Peterson: i havent played in forever so I just wanted to play base
TylerG: Same with me unless that was a deal breaker for other people
TylerG: Current new games show a even split
mtsay: I'd like to play with base. I have yet to learn the rule differences in V2.
TylerG: works for us.
Christopher Peterson: 1505
TylerG: Do we want to Roll with 3 or wait a bit for a possible 4th
Christopher Peterson: up 2 u
Christopher Peterson: go with 3?
TylerG: Not much activity here, so yeah
mtsay: sure
mtsay: let's start
Boxer: @toby can you end game 1397, we had a player leave. Thank you
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