SteephieWonder: gmngsprvsr: we're waiting on you to start Game 1024
gmngsprvsr: @SteephieWonder started thanks
SteephieWonder: Should I wait until 5 players before starting Game 1026 or is it fine to start with 3 or 4 players as well?
gmngsprvsr: you can start with however many you like. looks slow atm, your game has been open a week
SteephieWonder: Okay I started it!
SteephieWonder: Gmngsprvsr game 1027 is full
Musan: I'll keep game 1032 open for 1 more day or when we get a 4th, whatever comes first
egg_salad: Is there a way to delete games, or do I need to request it?
Toby: you can only delete games that haven't been started yet
Jythier: 2.1 scares me.
Toby: it's gentler, you can send sell your company into receivership
Toby: long time no see @Jythier
AngryTetris: 2.1 seems like it will be much more friendly for face to face play.
Jythier: That's what scares me. I like v1.0, always thought it was perfect how it was.
AngryTetris: the counting net worth is a bit cumbersome. counting stars will smooth the process out. also, the variable company powers seems to fit with a lot of modern games.
Jythier: I'm glad people are still playing here though. It's a great game.
DanielB: nothing scary about 2.1...of course, there is always unpleasantries in games of the XX sort
Jythier: I'm getting my butt kicked but I still love this game. :P
Jythier: How does the rollback button work? I pressed it to roll back to Dirk's bid in game 1037 but it didn't do that...
Toby: it rollbacks one thing at a time
Toby: so you have to hit it many times
Jythier: But that was the last thing and it's still saying it's my turn.
Jythier: Weird.
Jythier: Rolled back. Thanks.
AngryTetris: If there was a comment someone typed, that's one action, so it would have rolled back the comment maybe?
Jythier: That's weird.
Jythier: But yeah, that was it, and then I kept commenting about how it wasn't working, lol
AngryTetris: rollback comment, comment on how it's not working, roll back comment, comment on how it's not working... bang head on desk
gmngsprvsr: @DanielB ready to start
DanielB: Angry Tetris. It’s a new way to develop repetitive stress
AngryTetris: I have a job, I get enough of that XD
Venser: I joined 1044 quicker games, but it looks like it was started because 1042 is stagnant. I can give myself the boot if need be.
Venser: I'm still involved in games that were started over a year ago. I'd love to finish one.
Siddharth Venkatesh: You can take my "spot" Chris, I don't have the bandwidth for more games and 1042 is moving again it seems.
DanielB: Venser, let's get to 4p then we can start '44
Toby: i pinged amos
DanielB: Talb. Toby. You both want in to ‘44?
DanielB: Shall we do 6 with Venser or 5? Or a 4 and make ‘45 our replacement game? Or start a ‘45
Toby: make a 45
Toby: daniel, game 45 is only 5 player max, it needs to be 6 player
Toby: i made 1046
Venser: Thanks Siddharth. This is the only game I can access at work so I don't mind having a handful on the go.
DanielB: didn't know it needed to be 6, I made 45 and joined 46, I'm in zero other online games so fine with whatever others decide... thansk, let's RS!
Venser: Just let me know where I'm welcome. It's been too long since I last finished a game of RS. I've been involved in four other games that have lasted over a year each due to stagnation.
Toby: you're welcome @venser in '46
Toby: waiting for musan in 1046
KLT1963: Venser, the reason I started a 3 player game is twofold: 1) I just learned the game, and 2) I wanted to finish it quickly.
Toby: let me know if you want me to delete 144
Toby: 1044
DanielB: Toby. Please delete ‘44 and I suppose ‘42
Toby: when i get home tonight
Jythier: Wow Venser, that stinks that none of your games finish.
Venser: Just taking at quick look, I have three that are longer than eight months so far.
Jythier: Daniel, ar emy turns fast enough for game 1050? :)
Jythier: 1037 is almost over.
Jythier: I did have a weekend away last weekend but that doesn't happen often, and usually I have internet wherever I am. Not this time.
DanielB: Sure thing Jythier, let's do it
DanielB: Looking for an experienced 4th who wants to play fast in new game 1050
Jythier: i'll try to make less mistakes this time. ;)
DanielB: Jythier. What’s your background in 18xx?? Other gaming?
Jythier: Not much 18xx. 1830 the computer game, and one Rails game online, nothing in person. I love economic games like Captains of Industry, Master of Economy, Indonesia, Food Chain Magnate, Arkwright... I love production, supply and demand, and especially players buying from players. Oh, and Container of course.
Jythier: I would really like to see something very much like City of the Big Shoulders but combined with a player-driven supply and demand, but I don't know how much game there would be.
Jythier: I played Rolling Stock on this site when it first started and prior to that we played on Google Sheets on Board Game Geek.
Jythier: Okay, looking back, I played in Game 1 on this site. :P
Siddharth Venkatesh: You should play The Great Zimbabwe if you haven't. Player driven supply and demand is a big part of that game.
gmngsprvsr: is it good? I saw it on
Siddharth Venkatesh: It's a top 5 game for me.
Siddharth Venkatesh: Indonesia and Zimbabwe are my favorite economic games that aren't 18xx.
Venser: The Great Zimbabwe is one of my favourite games as well.
Venser: It's one of four games I've ranked 10 on BGG.
Jythier: Zimbabwe is on the list, it's really any Splotter but Bus is up my alley.
Jythier: Greed Inc.
Jythier: Haven't played them but I want to.
DanielB: Bus??
Jythier: That's a splotter, right?
AngryTetris: one of the older ones (1999)
Siddharth Venkatesh: I like Bus a lot too.
Jythier: Another one I found online. Didn't understand it as well as I wanted to.
Siddharth Venkatesh: It's a great 3p game. I can see it being irritating to learn async.
Toby: just played indonesia for the first time. really enjoyed it
Siddharth Venkatesh: Indonesia is great, we should play on slothninja.
AngryTetris: the mergers in that game can be brutal. in our first game, we had a player decide to get lvl2 merge and cram everything together. it was a wild mess
AngryTetris: we had no idea what the consequences of his actions were. our second game felt a little better once we kind of had our heads wrapped around what things meant/did
Jythier: Love Indonesia! Yeah merging is crazy. :D
DanielB: Indonesia is fantastic!
DanielB: Sid, can you invite me to indonesia on slothninja
Jythier: I'm on Slothninja too. :D
DanielB: great, now need to figure out how to get into a game, seems there's a p w to join?
Toby: i can’t stand a sync play, well play live one of these days, i just read your article, seems like you’re pretty hardcore
DanielB: what article?
DanielB: Oh, Sid's article - i'll take a look :), i'm certainly hardcore, just a question of when and where!
Siddharth Venkatesh: I have played a lot of Indonesia yes. I know a few people who've played more I think. Jbrier if you know him (he's good at basically every game and plays a ton). Grayson Page also has a group in Virginia where they regularly play 3p.
Siddharth Venkatesh: I'm already rethinking some of the stuff I wrote in that article. Nothing major enough to warrant an edit yet but some of it (the R&D stuff especially) may not be deep enough.
DanielB: Who wants to join a fast game? 1053...we're ready to start...
DanielB: Our last game ran about 8-10 days
AngryTetris: can we skip tk993 in 1018? it's been about a month.
Toby: ok
Toby: i've autopassed tk and SteephieWonder
AngryTetris: I'll be out of town this weekend for UnPub, I may be slow to move in 1021 and 1018. I'll make moves on monday for sure though.
Active Games
Enter Game 1053 - V1.0
Owner: DanielB
Created At: 2019-03-11 17:33:53 UTC
Last Move: 2019-03-26 04:47:27 UTC
Players: DanielB, Musan, Jythier
Round: 14 Phase: 3
Acting: Jythier
Enter Game 1052 - V1.0
Owner: Jythier
Created At: 2019-03-11 04:20:18 UTC
Last Move: 2019-03-24 17:56:48 UTC
Players: Dirk, Jythier, Musan, SaiSaysPlayGo, Greg
Round: 7 Phase: 9
Acting: Greg
Enter Game 1047 - V1.0
Owner: KLT1963
Created At: 2019-02-21 19:13:15 UTC
Last Move: 2019-03-21 14:05:50 UTC
Players: Venser, Jythier, KLT1963
Round: 12 Phase: 3
Acting: KLT1963
Enter Game 1046 - V1.0
Owner: Toby
Created At: 2019-02-21 15:49:59 UTC
Last Move: 2019-03-26 12:29:30 UTC
Players: Venser, Toby, DanielB, Musan, Talbatross, Siddharth Venkatesh
Round: 15 Phase: 7
Acting: Toby
Enter Game 1038 - V1.0
Owner: Siddharth Venkatesh
Created At: 2019-02-04 14:05:12 UTC
Last Move: 2019-03-26 03:49:00 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Sigismundo, Damian, Siddharth Venkatesh, Guilherme Alves
Round: 11 Phase: 1
Acting: Sigismundo
Enter Game 1024 - V1.0
Owner: gmngsprvsr
Created At: 2018-12-17 10:40:34 UTC
Last Move: 2019-03-22 21:18:53 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: gmngsprvsr, Raymond, broggles, SteephieWonder
Round: 8 Phase: 3
Acting: Raymond
Enter Game 1021 - V2.1
Owner: AngryTetris
Created At: 2018-12-07 06:28:43 UTC
Last Move: 2019-03-26 01:13:45 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Raymond, AngryTetris, TumbleSteak, gmngsprvsr
Round: 9 Phase: 6
Acting: Raymond
Enter Game 1018 - V2.1
Owner: AngryTetris
Created At: 2018-11-26 04:41:00 UTC
Last Move: 2019-03-25 04:58:18 UTC
Players: Raymond, Venser, oddman, tk993, AngryTetris
Round: 2 Phase: 1
Acting: Raymond
Finished Games
Review Game 977 - V1.0
Owner: DanielB
Created At: 2018-06-25 06:22:34 UTC
Last Move: 2018-09-19 20:28:28 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: DanielB, Siddharth Venkatesh, Joshua Starr, Andy Mesa
Result: DanielB $1139, Siddharth Venkatesh $630, Andy Mesa $35, Joshua Starr $23
Review Game 975 - V2.1
Owner: AngryTetris
Created At: 2018-06-20 02:27:48 UTC
Last Move: 2019-03-07 04:20:14 UTC
Players: Amos Cai, Venser, Steve Lindemann, AngryTetris, Boxer
Result: AngryTetris $171, Venser $148, Amos Cai $83, Steve Lindemann $83, Boxer $46
Review Game 970 - V1.0
Owner: gameon3948
Created At: 2018-06-04 17:35:43 UTC
Last Move: 2018-06-13 19:18:15 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Jacky Chan, gameon3948, Venser
Result: Jacky Chan $340, Venser $237, gameon3948 $65
Review Game 968 - V2.1
Owner: Venser
Created At: 2018-05-22 19:16:47 UTC
Last Move: 2018-08-24 15:31:44 UTC
Players: AngryTetris, Forrest Trepte, Raymond, Venser
Result: Forrest Trepte $175, Raymond $143, Venser $141, AngryTetris $33
Review Game 967 - V1.0
Owner: Amos Cai
Created At: 2018-05-22 11:16:01 UTC
Last Move: 2018-10-12 19:24:27 UTC
Players: Jonathan Barnes, Dirk, Venser, Amos Cai, Raymond
Result: Dirk $782, Raymond $479, Venser $226, Amos Cai $93, Jonathan Barnes $30
Review Game 965 - V1.0
Owner: PJ Killian
Created At: 2018-05-18 18:24:37 UTC
Last Move: 2018-11-06 10:51:33 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: PJ Killian, James S, Siddharth Venkatesh, tamm
Result: Siddharth Venkatesh $417, James S $228, tamm $171, PJ Killian $154
Review Game 963 - V1.0
Owner: Jacky Chan
Created At: 2018-05-14 03:52:32 UTC
Last Move: 2018-06-14 23:40:20 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Jacky Chan, AlexRockwell, Jason T, Christopher Rao
Result: Christopher Rao $414, Jacky Chan $373, Jason T $368, AlexRockwell $31
Review Game 960 - V1.0
Owner: Christopher Rao
Created At: 2018-05-09 15:54:59 UTC
Last Move: 2018-07-17 02:05:55 UTC
Players: Jacky Chan, DanielB, Christopher Rao, Jason T, AlexRockwell
Result: DanielB $590, Jacky Chan $574, Jason T $571, Christopher Rao $141, AlexRockwell $3
Review Game 958 - V1.0
Owner: DanielB
Created At: 2018-05-09 05:23:00 UTC
Last Move: 2018-08-19 05:10:01 UTC
Players: Satanuco, Eric H., Jonathan Barnes, DanielB, AlexRockwell, Jacky Chan
Result: DanielB $2553, Jonathan Barnes $197, Jacky Chan $181, Satanuco $64, Eric H. $20, AlexRockwell $8
Review Game 952 - V1.0
Owner: Steve Lindemann
Created At: 2018-04-21 04:20:30 UTC
Last Move: 2018-09-11 12:45:44 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Joshua Starr, Amos Cai, Steve Lindemann, Sigismundo
Result: Sigismundo $441, Amos Cai $379, Steve Lindemann $354, Joshua Starr $84
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