AngryTetris: TY Toby. Not only for the pass, but also for coding this. It's a wonderful thing. :)
Toby: haha no problem
gameon3948: Hi Toby, can you kill game 946? I started it by accident with no players joined. I played it as solo until the end, but it doesn't seem to want to complete the final phase. (Keeps saying already passed).
Toby: you need to close a company
gameon3948: thought i tried that. thanks, finished it now
AngryTetris: suggestion: in v2, when you hover over the name of a company, the hovertext says "the name of the corporation." could it instead have the ability of said corporation? (or could it be added somewhere easier to reference? as of now, there's no way to see the abilities outside of the "start a corp" phase)
Toby: hm that'd be pretty easy to do
Jonathan Barnes: Hey Toby can you roll back game 951 to beginning of 4.6? Hit the wrong button on my phone
Jonathan Barnes: Nevermind, we got it
DanielB: q
DanielB: Toby, how can we search for old games we forgot the number to. Like that early game where Jonathan doubled every single players score
Toby: you can't
Toby: basically, the old fashioned way
Christopher Rao: I just created a new "Game Theory fast" open deck game. The idea is that there is no negotiation, and minimal kibbitzing. The other rule is that if a company
Christopher Rao: corporation's first offer to buy a company is rejected, that company cannot make further offers. Open to anyone who is willing to play fast.
Jason T: Is there a way to rollback a game to a specific state? Somebody in game 960 meant to bid on a company and accidentally passed
Steve Lindemann: Owner of game can keep rolling back until it's the place you want
AlexRockwell: thanks!
ZWS: Feature request. Every player who is not making a move in xx hours (Chooseable by opening the game) is passing.................
Toby: I haven't had much time or motivation to add new features, but I will happily accept pull requests.
DanielB: Toby. Is there any reasonable way for you to substitute a player to take over another’s position mid game?
Toby: Not really.
jlapalme: Hi does the online game support the 2player variant proposed by the author ?
Forrest Trepte: How does Save Pass Setting work? For example, say that a company is being auctioned and I click Save Pass Setting. Will that pass on all future rounds for that company? That company and all additional companies auctioned in that phase? Pass on everything in all phase of the entire round?
ZWS: you pass everything in this entire phase , next phase (where you can to something) is then Phase 6 (Corporations Buys Companies)
Forrest Trepte: Thanks, ZWS!
Toby: @jlapalme i have not implemented the 2 player variant, sorry
Popmart: Sorry Forrest, on game 973 I was expecting friends of mine.
Christopher Rao: You can play with us, Forrest!
Toby: Portland is soon right? Wish I could make it it this year but started a new job so can't take the vacation.
Toby: You guys should play rolling stock in between your '17 games :)
Christopher Rao: Maybe, but at least we're playing a lot online :)
gameon3948: I'd still rather be playing 1817 :(
gameon3948: But Toby has done a great job with this site :)
DanielB: Toby, Game 958... what am I missing.. The FI has refused my offer for OL...
Toby: @daniel saturn and ship have higher stock prices than you, so they must decline to purchase OL first
DanielB: sure... that makes sense...and I was thinking about that...but i don't recall it "declining" my offer... but rather, the offer would be held in suspense...until the answer of the other corporation, instead of "declined"
Toby: your offer is still held in suspense
Toby: your additional offers have been declined
AngryTetris: Hey all! I'm headed to Origins over the weekend. I may be a bit slow to take turns in 880 and 968. I'll be back on Sunday, but I'll try and check in each night.
Forrest Trepte: In the version 2.1 rules, how can I see how many stars each company has?
Toby: red has 1, orange has 2 and so on
Forrest Trepte: Aha. Thanks, Toby!
Forrest Trepte: And what is the formula for the required number of stars on the share price cards in v2? (Or is there a .pdf of them available?)
Toby: (shares_issued * @price / 10.0).round
Forrest Trepte: Thanks!
AngryTetris: One more on 975!
Forrest Trepte: I'm going on vacation soon, so I had to drop out of 975. Would love to play in two weeks, though.
Toby: i've auto passed all of jonathan barnes's games
AngryTetris: One more on 975! ...again
Steve Lindemann: Ok, I'll bite...
AngryTetris: Hey all! I'm headed to Gencon over the weekend. I may be a bit slow to take turns in 975 and 968. I'll be back on Sunday, but I'll try and check in each night.
Eric H.: As a feature request would it be possible to have a company float calculator utility on the site? It would be nice to have an easy way to know what Company float options beforehand without having to go through all the tedious calculations.
Toby: i have the float options when it's ready to float
Nathan James: Pagin Adam Anderson; Adam Anderson, please report to game 979.
Toby: better to do it in game because that emails him. the front page chat doesn't do anything
Nathan James: Good to know.
Nathan James: I suppose he's at Gencon, or something.
Eric H.: What I mean was a way to bring up the a float calculator way in advance of the float to facilitate forward planning several turns ahead. Most of the better players plan ahead by several turns.
Andy Mesa: Eric, I find this helpful:
Nathan James: Anyone interested in a live game this weekend? I have time Friday evening and Saturday afternoon / evening ... that's EST.
Andy Mesa: I'm always interested in a live game, but only just saw this. You can join my Discord to find live players:
Toby: should i autopass christopher rao, does anybody know what happened to him?
Christopher Rao: Sorry guys, nothing dramatic. Just had a hard time getting my head around the game state after various delays. I'm caught up now.
Forrest Trepte: What is the cost of ownership (and which colors) for companies in the V2.1 game at the end when all the companies have been purchased? I'm trying to plan ahead to ensure that I'll have enough money in the treasury not to go bankrupt.
Toby: OWNERSHIP_TIERS = { green: [:red], blue: [:red, :orange], purple: [:red, :orange, :yellow], penultimate: [:red, :orange, :yellow], last_turn: [:red, :orange, :yellow, :green], }.freeze OWNERSHIP_COSTS = { green: 2, blue: 4, penultimate: 7, last_turn: 10, }.freeze
Forrest Trepte: Thanks!
Forrest Trepte: Anyone have news about when the V2 version will be published? (I don't want to miss out if it's a limited print run.)
Toby: the latest update has just been sometime this year
Toby: haven't heard any updates since then
Forrest Trepte: Thanks, Toby.
Toby: mhm
AngryTetris: I'm excited for v2. i think it will be a lot easier to play in a face to face environment. less calculation
Toby: for sure it is
Toby: i had the pleasure of playing with beorn, it was great!
Nathan James: The rollback button seems to need to be pressed several times to rollback an action. I guess that's a bug?
AngryTetris: it rolls back one action per tick. so depending on the phase, it can take a lot of clicks.
Toby: yes, angry tetris is correct.
Toby: i mainly implemented it so @danielb would stop calling me to do roll backs :)
Toby: so it's very rudimentary
Nathan James: I'm really loving this game. Thanks to Toby and Beorn for making it available!
atte: Yes, great game and great implementation, thanks to everyone
AngryTetris: Next game started will be game 1000. :) I'll let someone else have the honors.
Toby: haha, scott is playing a 2 player game
Andy Mesa: does v2 play better with 2?
DanielB: a little>?
DanielB: i'm available for a live game
Cthulhu Dreams: Can I create a private game?
Toby: just put in the description that the game is private, and people shoudln't join
AngryTetris: 10 days since last move on 975. Amos Cai?
Toby: better to say that in the game chat so that it emails him
Toby: anybody going to BGG con?
AngryTetris: I'll be there, getting there late tomorrow.
Toby: awesome! hope to see you there
Toby: actually, i don't know who you are IRL :)
Toby: i think i found you on twitter
AngryTetris: You did. I'm not hard to find. :)
AngryTetris: Having said that, games 999, 993 and 975, I may be slow to react. I'll try and keep up on my moves. (game 993 may need kelvin skipped?)
AngryTetris: I'll be with formal ferret 2-6 most days. you can find me there!
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Round: 7 Phase: 1
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Round: 12 Phase: 2
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Round: 10 Phase: 9
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Result: atte $525, Nathan James $377, waxeater $365
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Last Move: 2018-09-19 20:28:28 UTC
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Result: DanielB $1139, Siddharth Venkatesh $630, Andy Mesa $35, Joshua Starr $23
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Last Move: 2018-06-13 19:18:15 UTC
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Result: Jacky Chan $340, Venser $237, gameon3948 $65
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Created At: 2018-05-22 19:16:47 UTC
Last Move: 2018-08-24 15:31:44 UTC
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Result: Forrest Trepte $175, Raymond $143, Venser $141, AngryTetris $33
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Created At: 2018-05-22 11:16:01 UTC
Last Move: 2018-10-12 19:24:27 UTC
Players: Jonathan Barnes, Dirk, Venser, Amos Cai, Raymond
Result: Dirk $782, Raymond $479, Venser $226, Amos Cai $93, Jonathan Barnes $30
Review Game 965 - V1.0
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Created At: 2018-05-18 18:24:37 UTC
Last Move: 2018-11-06 10:51:33 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: PJ Killian, James S, Siddharth Venkatesh, tamm
Result: Siddharth Venkatesh $417, James S $228, tamm $171, PJ Killian $154
Review Game 963 - V1.0
Owner: Jacky Chan
Created At: 2018-05-14 03:52:32 UTC
Last Move: 2018-06-14 23:40:20 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Jacky Chan, AlexRockwell, Jason T, Christopher Rao
Result: Christopher Rao $414, Jacky Chan $373, Jason T $368, AlexRockwell $31
Review Game 960 - V1.0
Owner: Christopher Rao
Created At: 2018-05-09 15:54:59 UTC
Last Move: 2018-07-17 02:05:55 UTC
Players: Jacky Chan, DanielB, Christopher Rao, Jason T, AlexRockwell
Result: DanielB $590, Jacky Chan $574, Jason T $571, Christopher Rao $141, AlexRockwell $3
Review Game 958 - V1.0
Owner: DanielB
Created At: 2018-05-09 05:23:00 UTC
Last Move: 2018-08-19 05:10:01 UTC
Players: Satanuco, Eric H., Jonathan Barnes, DanielB, AlexRockwell, Jacky Chan
Result: DanielB $2553, Jonathan Barnes $197, Jacky Chan $181, Satanuco $64, Eric H. $20, AlexRockwell $8
Review Game 952 - V1.0
Owner: Steve Lindemann
Created At: 2018-04-21 04:20:30 UTC
Last Move: 2018-09-11 12:45:44 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Joshua Starr, Amos Cai, Steve Lindemann, Sigismundo
Result: Sigismundo $441, Amos Cai $379, Steve Lindemann $354, Joshua Starr $84
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