jco: very excited to find this site...I've been wanting to play RS for ages, didn't realize there was already an online version!
Toby: nice! you should join game 160, and ask for help
Toby: 1060
Toby: how did you find this site?
jco: someone from the yahoo groups listserv mentioned it to me in an email exchange we had about potential new 18xx implementations
jco: ok, I joined 1060 :) I'll get up to speed quickly, I'm a moderately experienced 18xxer
Siddharth Venkatesh: I haven
Siddharth Venkatesh: I haven't played v2 either so I'm getting up to speed with the new rules as well.
DanielB: Jco, its your turn in 1060
jco: Moved. I’m in a different time zone.
Venser: Hey Toby, is it possible to autopass Jythier in game 1047? It's been a week since he last moved. The game is over for all intents and purposes.
Toby: ok
Venser: If you look, it's obvious that Jythier is going to sell one Orion to buy VP. After that I'm still firmly in control of not losing. The Foreign Investor buys LE in 14.5. I buy TSI before anyone else and win.
Toby: i autopassed him
jco: Anyone have any advice on what corps to start when? I'm new and don't want to tank my game with a bad decision
Toby: jupiter and saturn are good early, jupiter for early reds, saturn should get an orange
Toby: star and bear are good, they have different strategies
Toby: eagle can also be very strong, orion depends on foreign investors
jco: gotcha. thanks! :)
Andy Mesa: Anyone interested in playing a live game? Or at least a very fast one, we’re talking days not weeks/months.
Siddharth Venkatesh: I could do that.
Siddharth Venkatesh: When were you thinking Andy?
Destrin: Is there a way of setting autobid to return you to the auction as a choice rather than just leave?
Destrin: Say I want to autobid up to # then come back and evaluate after it reaches that point, rather than just drop out
Toby: not right now @destrin
Toby: @destrin, in your game, chris and mavis have significantly overbid, and the game is over for them
Toby: rolling stock is very unforgiving, and the reds should really only go for +2 over base value
Dustin Witjes: Hello everyone
Siddharth Venkatesh: Hi Dustin.
Siddharth Venkatesh: Anyone want to play a live game today? There are two of us interested so if we can get one more, we could start one.
DanielB: I’d play on next two hours
DanielB: Soon as possible ideally
Siddharth Venkatesh: Already in an 1817 game sorry. Also Daniel, could you leave 1076 please? It's a teaching game that I'm trying to do. I will probably leave it as well and just teach.
DanielB: Will do!
DanielB: Will do!
Andy Mesa: Damn, should’ve checked back here sooner. Still interested in a live game. I’m free any time during the day, and Thursday, Friday, and Sunday nights. Sid you know how to reach me.
DanielB: Who wants to join a 5p v1. Please have time so it can move along.
magnusrk: I thought 4p was ideal though :)
AngryTetris: Anyone here headed to Origins?
DanielB: Magnursk. In general I think higher player counts are more I retesting. But 4-player and even 3-player games can be excellent if all players stay competitive throughout the game
DanielB: “More interesting “
Toby: i agree with daniel, all player counts are good, but more is better
magnusrk: More is also slower though :)
Siddharth Venkatesh: True but I think speed is largely determined by the speed of the slowest person, so if you add in someone who's faster than the slowest player already, it shouldn't change much.
DanielB: I I deracore Siddarth’s point. The slowest player is a real issue in this great forum for RS games...
Siddharth Venkatesh: Daniel you need to write a bit more carefully :) I have no idea what that first sentence should be, even if I do get the point.
DanielB: “Underscore”. The problem is I have bothered English and German spell check operating and so it just makes capooey on occasion. No idea why. Sorry. Will endeavor to check better
DanielB: “Both becomes “bothered” wHat the heck
magnusrk: Is undo possible? I accidentally hit the pass button on my phone in 1077. If someone else already played then nevermind.
Toby: yes, the owner of the game can do an undo
Toby: it's on the bottom of the page
magnusrk: Great
magnusrk: Are there any statistics for games on this site?
Toby: no, but i can give you data if you’re interested
Siddharth Venkatesh: I would be.
Toby: you want a json dump?
Dustin Witjes: I also would be interested. Sid and I are math people going for the Ph.D :)
SaiSaysPlayGo: While ver 1 is winnable without owning synergies; ver 2 seems to only be winnable by owning shares of corporations with good synergies
SaiSaysPlayGo: Leading me to believe that in ver 2, once you're behind, you cannot win
Siddharth Venkatesh: The falling behind problem is there in ver 1 as well. In a sense, it's exacerbated even more by the 12 greens.
Siddharth Venkatesh: For 1081, should we just start a 4p game? Seems like we aren't getting a 5th
magnusrk: Agreed
SaiSaysPlayGo: I see the low cost greens as a way of catching up in ver 1. Falling behind is okay if you have cash (vs those who got good synergies but are interested in corporations)
SaiSaysPlayGo: *invested in
DanielB: Dustin. Want to join our 1081?
DanielB: Check out game 1058– I really sorta know what I’m doing and somehow fell way behind. I just through a Hail Mary and got the first (cheapest) blue in 7.3 (super early). We will see if I can become competitive in a v1 game this gar in the hole with no synergies
Siddharth Venkatesh: I think Magnus probably wins 1058 though it's still somewhat close.
Siddharth Venkatesh: Him getting DR was a big game changer, though I may have been too deal friendly with him. I definitely see the greens less as a catchup and more as an accelerator for whoever is ahead in liquidity at that point. It does allow for pure trading strategies to work in v1, which don't seem to viable in v2 as Sai noted.
magnusrk: You: Magnus probably wins
magnusrk: Me: I have no idea what I'm doing
Dustin Witjes: Darn I would have joined 1081
magnusrk: Would be nice with a timestamp for last player action (ignoring chat)
DanielB: Dustin. We can restart. I’ll recreate a game and everyone can join
Siddharth Venkatesh: Join 1087 Dustin
Ariel Ayanna: Looking to start a new game folks want to join. Only 1/4 game under my belt, but already hooked
magnusrk: Starting games quickly enough that none of the players disappear seems to be the main challenge here. :)
DanielB: Indeed, what happened to Dustin?
DanielB: Is there an absence of cursed smart phones among RS players?>
Anant: Ariel - I'd be interested in joining as well if you're still looking for players
Ariel Ayanna: At 4 now. How do folks feel about that player count? Does it make more sense to wait for a 5th?
Siddharth Venkatesh: Generally speaking, it's better with more but 4 is a good count.
Siddharth Venkatesh: If people want to wait, you can give it a day or so.
magnusrk: arik has been gone for six days now in 1077, enough for a pass?
Dustin Witjes: I joined
Toby: i've passed arik in 1077
Toby: please say something in the game to refresh the state
magnusrk: Thanks
Shaz Iqbal: Siddharth and co- looking for a 5th for 1087?
magnusrk: If there's room to join, go for it
Shaz Iqbal: Sweet thanks. Just wanted to make sure you guys weren't waiting for someone specific for that game.
Siddharth Venkatesh: Just a heads up, it's a v2 game and v2 is pretty different from v1.
Shaz Iqbal: Oh wow thanks for the heads up, missed that. Are these the RS Stars rules? Will look the differences over tonight
magnusrk: Yes, Stars is v2
Siddharth Venkatesh: Rules are hard to find/incomplete online. I'll give a rough breakdown of differences tomorrow in the game and you should just ask.
magnusrk: Yeah, would be nice if the rules included a company manifest, and the share adjustment table
magnusrk: This site seems to implement share adjustment based on a simple formula, but I guess that is just a coincidence that it works and not an explicit rule.
Toby: the rule was created with the formula in mind, it was not a coincidence
magnusrk: Weird that it's not specified in the rules, then
Toby: it’s on each card so they don’t need to say that specifically
magnusrk: By the way, it would be quite useful if the site offered a way to see details for all the companies (for the right version) inside games without open deck.
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Result: Musan $410, DanielB $408, Jythier $263, gmngsprvsr $137
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