Akado: One min
Akado: In like Flynn
starchitect: woo
Boxer: Is there a way to update the email address you use with your account?
Michael Logan: related, is there a way to update username?
weisswurst: How can I change my password? The only way I see is through Forgot Password on the login screen, but it does not work. I got the message "Password reset sent", but I do not receive any email. Tried several times, ensuring I entered the corrrect email address. And yes, checked my spam folder.
weisswurst: Oh wait, they arrive after twenty minutes or (?).
Boxer: @weisswurst, cannot say. I opened a ticket for allow for an email change, if your password reset didn't work I will open one for that as well.
weisswurst: @Boxer, thanks, I have opened an issue already.
Boxer: Alright, sounds good.
AlexRockwell: I also had an issue with password reset. email took 4 hrs to arrive
Richard Northey: ......
TylerG: Anyone up for a live game?
Christopher Peterson: @tyler if i recall correctly it plays pretty well at two. Been awhile for me but I would play heads up.
mtsay: sign me up
Christopher Peterson: that works 2
mtsay: do people normally play with V2 rules?
Christopher Peterson: i havent played in forever so I just wanted to play base
TylerG: Same with me unless that was a deal breaker for other people
TylerG: Current new games show a even split
mtsay: I'd like to play with base. I have yet to learn the rule differences in V2.
TylerG: works for us.
Christopher Peterson: 1505
TylerG: Do we want to Roll with 3 or wait a bit for a possible 4th
Christopher Peterson: up 2 u
Christopher Peterson: go with 3?
TylerG: Not much activity here, so yeah
mtsay: sure
mtsay: let's start
Boxer: @toby can you end game 1397, we had a player leave. Thank you
theagricolan: @Jonathan, do you wanna come over to our game (1515)?
sickomodelaney: Hi everyone happy new years
sickomodelaney: One of my goals this year is to finally get this monstrosity played
sickomodelaney: Is there a discord y’all gather at to discuss outside of this chat box?
theagricolan: I’d like to know as well. I found players on the 18xx discord, looking for players channel.
theagricolan: Or was it Slack? I don’t remember.
sickomodelaney: The official one for 18xx.games is a Slack channel for sure, I joined that one as well.
sickomodelaney: ^im sure ill see you there ;)
sickomodelaney: Well if anyone knows... lmk!
sickomodelaney: plz :)
Elephantasy: It's been a week now and still none of the games I've joined have started
Elephantasy: is the site dead?
Brandon Bashein: Not sure just joined your three player game
Venser: @Elephantasy - I joined the three player game as well.
Venser: Hoping to find a handful of players to keep this game on repeat as my physical copy won't be seeing the table for some time.
Brandon Bashein: @venser I'd like to play on repeat I just learned the game and playing locally probably wont happen
Elephantasy: wow thanks guys
SteephieWonder: It's really unfortunate that this chat doesn't show any timestamps..
SteephieWonder: A lot of games are full but not starting?
SteephieWonder: These messages are 18-01-2021 for future reference :P
theagricolan: @elephantasy looks like those games were created back in August and October. If it’s been that long it’s possible the creators aren’t checking this site anymore.
theagricolan: FWIW I’m also interested in playing this on repeat, but I live in GMT+8, so it’d probably be pretty slow.
theagricolan: Time stamp: 2021.01.20 (GMT+0 01:15)
Toby: i deleted old games
theagricolan: sorry @Toby, I meant the people who created those games, not you, the site creator. Thanks for the awesome work you’ve done here!
Bonzarello: are the rules v2.2 the ones used in Rollig Stock Stars from All Abroad Games?
thomb: Good question! That is my understanding - the Corps have special powers so believe it’s RSS.
sickomodelaney: my message was from around New Years if you couldn't tell (:
Zegrith: Hi, I'm a newbie. I've created game a 3p Game 1593. I'm in Spain (GMT+1) If anyone interested, please feel free to join.
thomb: count me in, also pretty new to this
thomb: We decided to call game #1570 - is there a way to 'end' or delete it?
cory peacock: so, is the difference between V2 rules and Rolling Stock Stars simply the Corporations special powers?
Venser: No purple companies. Order of events within a round is different.
cory peacock: purple is in v1, but is in neither v2 nor RSS. am i correct? also, between v2 and RSS, I cannot discern a different order of events. can you point me to it, please.
theagricolan: In v2 (RSS) issuing shares and floating companies are phases 1 and 2 of the turn instead of being at the end.
theagricolan: I’m sorry, that’s backwards. In v2 issuing shares and floating companies come at the end of the turn, not at the beginning. Functionally it changes nothing, really
theagricolan: v2 and RSS are interchangeable. the designer has referred to RSS by both.
thomb: @rcog I've joined your game. FYI I'm in Europe, so won't be around to take turns in your evenings. If that's a pain let me know,.
rcog: @thomb EST is not a hard requirement, no worries. Just trying to set expectations and gather european night owls and west coast early birds :-)
DanielB: Venser, the order of events within a round is not different in Stars
Andrew: Game 1596 can be deleted.
thomb: Likewise 1570 ^
Venser: Add 1555 to the list as well.
DanielB: Toby - and you can delete 1274, thanks
nomad: And 1399 as well, thank you.
JonS: Is it possible to play the 2-player variant where each player controls two investors?
JonS: Toby - you can delete 1623 also. We wanted to play a 2-player game but didn't realize that was an unsupported variant
matosowalker: sorry, I set up a game and didn't mean to. Can 1627 be deleted, please?
Richard Northey: Is anyone working on an AI for this game, with post game analysis?
thomb: Richard - see github (link in footer) for the code and current issues. I don't think much is going on in the way of development at the minute. But I expect Toby is open to contributions.
Zegrith: @DanielB I'm joining 1635 as it seems 1631 it is not progressing appropriately.
DanielB: Zegrith. I agree. Thx for joining. Do you know v1 yet?
thomb: I've also joined. Don't know v1 yet. Feel free to kick me out if you prefer fewer players / non-newbs!
Zegrith: DanielB. I've read the rules but never played this version. Please, feel to kick me out as well if you don't want newbies.
DanielB: Toby, please delete RS games 1631, 1274, 1635. Thank you
Zegrith: Anybody interested in playing V2.2 EU time? Please, feel free to join 1640
David Frederick: Anyone around for a live game?
David Frederick: Nevermind
Venser: rcog, I joined your game 1667, but this weekend I won't be able to hit the 2+ moves a day.
rcog: No worries, thanks for the heads up.
Grandi: Game 1668 can be deleted
Rudy Freyr: Toby, please delete game 1662 and 1663. Thanks very much.
Bridger: This is pretty inactive huh?
Bridger: that's too bad, I really want to play RSS but haven't been able to get it to the table IRL
rcog: @Richard Northey, how about starting 1670 w/ 3 players?
rcog: @Bridger game 1676, active players, join the fun ;-)
Satheesh: My first shot. trying to keep up with the rules. I might slow things down ofeel free to throw me out
Satheesh: Toby's explanation was simple and to the point. I am watching ambie's video too
Satheesh: Joined 1679. From IST. But should be available till 10am est and in the evenings of est. Ok ?
Richard Northey: @kbro: Ready to start 1660?
New Games
Join Game 1682 - V2.2
Owner: Jeff Aaronson
Created At: 2021-08-02 01:17:20 UTC
Last Move: 2021-08-03 14:43:26 UTC
Players: Jeff Aaronson, Cucu, Zegrith
Max Players: 6
Description: My First Game, I think I get it
Join Game 1660 - V2.2
Owner: kbro
Created At: 2021-06-19 19:28:28 UTC
Last Move: 2021-07-20 13:33:18 UTC
Players: kbro, rcog, Richard Northey, Bridger, Venser
Max Players: 5
Active Games
Enter Game 1680 - V2.2
Owner: PotaeSarat
Created At: 2021-07-25 11:34:01 UTC
Last Move: 2021-07-25 11:42:12 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: AUI, PotaeSarat, Rudy Freyr
Round: 1 Phase: 1
Acting: AUI
Enter Game 1679 - V2.2
Owner: rcog
Created At: 2021-07-23 21:31:53 UTC
Last Move: 2021-08-05 04:51:35 UTC
Players: Jeff Aaronson, rcog, Satheesh
Round: 3 Phase: 1
Acting: rcog
Enter Game 1676 - V2.2
Owner: David Frederick
Created At: 2021-07-21 03:25:09 UTC
Last Move: 2021-08-05 03:40:58 UTC
Players: Satheesh, bigboytreehouse, rcog, David Frederick, Venser
Round: 4 Phase: 1
Acting: rcog
Enter Game 1675 - V2.2
Owner: egg_salad
Created At: 2021-07-20 14:12:50 UTC
Last Move: 2021-08-02 00:46:05 UTC
Players: Rex, egg_salad, anthonii
Round: 3 Phase: 1
Acting: anthonii
Enter Game 1670 - V2.2
Owner: Richard Northey
Created At: 2021-07-02 13:58:40 UTC
Last Move: 2021-08-05 00:02:35 UTC
Players: rcog, Richard Northey, Bridger
Round: 7 Phase: 1
Acting: Richard Northey
Enter Game 1669 - V2.2
Owner: Grandi
Created At: 2021-07-02 10:26:49 UTC
Last Move: 2021-08-03 18:23:27 UTC
Players: rcog, Zegrith, Grandi
Round: 10 Phase: 1
Acting: Grandi
Enter Game 1663 - V1.0
Owner: Rudy Freyr
Created At: 2021-06-25 14:23:01 UTC
Last Move: 2021-06-25 17:10:56 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Oreo, zhommart, Baros, Rudy Freyr, visage2006, PotaeSarat
Round: 10 Phase: 9
Acting: Oreo
Enter Game 1662 - V1.0
Owner: Rudy Freyr
Created At: 2021-06-25 13:16:11 UTC
Last Move: 2021-06-25 14:18:08 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: zhommart, Rudy Freyr, visage2006, PotaeSarat, Baros, Oreo
Round: 3 Phase: 2
Acting: Baros
Enter Game 1645 - V2.2
Owner: RJ_E
Created At: 2021-05-17 16:48:25 UTC
Last Move: 2021-08-04 15:57:01 UTC
Players: Hijammer, nomad, EternalSwordsman, RJ_E, Arcanumtl, Sanchez
Round: 8 Phase: 1
Acting: Sanchez
Enter Game 1635 - V1.0
Owner: DanielB
Created At: 2021-04-19 23:37:28 UTC
Last Move: 2021-05-01 20:59:54 UTC
Players: Zegrith, DanielB, aaron, Venser, thomb
Round: 1 Phase: 3
Acting: aaron
Finished Games
Review Game 1681 - V2.2
Owner: PotaeSarat
Created At: 2021-07-25 11:42:32 UTC
Last Move: 2021-07-25 14:13:42 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: AUI, visage2006, Rudy Freyr, PotaeSarat
Result: PotaeSarat $265, Rudy Freyr $157, AUI $117, visage2006 $110
Review Game 1678 - V2.2
Owner: PotaeSarat
Created At: 2021-07-23 06:06:53 UTC
Last Move: 2021-07-23 08:48:07 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Oreo, visage2006, AUI, PotaeSarat
Result: AUI $165, Oreo $123, PotaeSarat $90, visage2006 $52
Review Game 1674 - V2.2
Owner: PotaeSarat
Created At: 2021-07-19 03:38:39 UTC
Last Move: 2021-07-19 05:09:09 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: PotaeSarat, AUI, zhommart
Result: PotaeSarat $175, AUI $114, zhommart $67
Review Game 1672 - V1.0
Owner: PotaeSarat
Created At: 2021-07-16 14:07:27 UTC
Last Move: 2021-07-16 19:15:05 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: PotaeSarat, visage2006, zhommart, AUI, Rudy Freyr
Result: PotaeSarat $272, Rudy Freyr $247, AUI $188, zhommart $183, visage2006 $66
Review Game 1671 - V1.0
Owner: Rudy Freyr
Created At: 2021-07-04 03:10:37 UTC
Last Move: 2021-07-04 06:38:16 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: PotaeSarat, Bus13, Est_Soros, Rudy Freyr
Result: Rudy Freyr $394, Est_Soros $251, Bus13 $241, PotaeSarat $70
Review Game 1667 - V2.2
Owner: rcog
Created At: 2021-06-28 13:24:19 UTC
Last Move: 2021-07-21 12:08:30 UTC
Players: rcog, David Frederick, Venser
Result: rcog $195, Venser $138, David Frederick $92
Review Game 1665 - V1.0
Owner: Rudy Freyr
Created At: 2021-06-27 03:32:44 UTC
Last Move: 2021-06-27 08:08:32 UTC
Variants: Open Deck
Players: Rudy Freyr, Bus13, PotaeSarat, Est_Soros
Result: Est_Soros $486, Rudy Freyr $369, PotaeSarat $293, Bus13 $112
Review Game 1659 - V2.2
Owner: nicuronium
Created At: 2021-06-15 22:30:42 UTC
Last Move: 2021-06-16 05:07:03 UTC
Players: Hata, nicuronium, matosowalker, indierokin, Snow
Result: Snow $161, nicuronium $132, indierokin $131, Hata $61, matosowalker $47
Review Game 1657 - V2.2
Owner: rcog
Created At: 2021-06-11 16:51:46 UTC
Last Move: 2021-06-28 18:41:02 UTC
Players: rcog, David Frederick, Venser
Result: Venser $172, rcog $161, David Frederick $126
Review Game 1656 - V2.2
Owner: raj
Created At: 2021-06-08 03:46:31 UTC
Last Move: 2021-06-08 05:25:48 UTC
Players: blarg2, raj, dummy
Result: raj $156, blarg2 $71, dummy $42
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