Toby: i fixed game 726, so it ended
Toby: in round 13
Patrick McGregor: is it possible to see the companies abilities and stocks remaining besides when you are starting a new company? Is it referenced in the tutorial anywhere?
Toby: ya, i'd have to figure out where to add it, in the meantime you can see it here
DanielB: toby, you can delete 837. thx
Eric H.: Toby, after rejecting a buy offer on DSB in game 796 from another players Corp I cannot have Orion buy it. Can I get a rollback so I can sell it to Orion?
Eric H.: Never mind. I see that I did not select the pull down for Orion.
Patrick McGregor: if a corporation is in recievership can other corporations purchase its companies from it? If so for how much Version 2.1
Toby: yes, max price
Patrick McGregor: Any chance you can set my game back to my turn game 806 I misclicked and sold a share that I should not have. Has not changed from the person after mes turn yet.
Toby: @patrick done
Patrick McGregor: How has the reception been to the 2.1 game Vs to 1.0 game. What made you to decide to update it?
Toby: v2 is a completely different game. it is more streamlined in the sense the star system ( for determining valuation of companies ) is much easier to calculate than v1. you can play v2 without pencil and paper, which is not really true for v1 live.
Toby: v1 is extremely unforgiving, if you make one small mistake in the first couple of rounds, you can easily go into a death spiral and literally have nothing to do for the rest of the game.
Toby: v1 focuses very heavily on the tech race, buying the next tier is almost always a good thing. v2 is more varied strategically in that regard. it's not always the right decision to by the next tech.
Toby: v2.1 vs v2.0 is a small balance fix. Horse and Star swapped share counts
Toby: if you're interested, my wife interviewed beorn, the designer in may where he talks about his design choices
Sean Coleman: @Toby game 848 beginning button doesnt take you to R1S1 as I would expect
Toby: ya i know, it's a bug
Toby: should fix that sometime... maybe this weekend
DanielB: Interview's awesome!
Toby: :)
Paul B: I feel really dense regarding v.2/2.1. In the rules it says, "Below the face value a number of stars is printed which is used during adjusting share prices." Everyone talks about how much easier it is to figure if the share price is going up or down, but looking at v.2 and v. 2.1 games I don't see any stars listed on any of the company cards. They look exactly the same to me. What am I missing?
Toby: I don’t have them in the ui, but reds are all 1 star, orange 2, yellow 3 etc
Toby: So if a company has 1 red and a yellow, it has 4 stars
Toby: For every 10$ is cash another star as well
Paul B: Thanks, that clears things up a bit.
AngryTetris: When v2 comes out as a physical edition, it sounds like there won't be the potential for an "upgrade" kit. Most of the components are being replaced?
Toby: correct. the game is too different
AngryTetris: How does the cost of ownership work in v2?
Toby: when green is on top of the deck $2 for reds, blue on top, $4 for red and orange. all cards gone $7 for red orange and yellw, last turn $10 for red orange yellow and green
Paul B: It appears that in v2/v2.1, a corporation is not limited to a 1 or 2 step increase/decrease of share price. Is that correct?
Toby: it's the same as v1, a company can only move more than 2 steps if another company occupies the spot
Paul B: In v.2/2.1 your corporation's share price could stay the same, yes?
Toby: yes that is indeed a difference
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