Eric H.: Can auto pass be enforced I. The code. One of our players did not hit pass to finish his corporations buy companies phase even though his corporation could not possibly buy ny more corporations with available cash.
Eric H.: In the code I mean
Eric H.: See game 758, round 2, phase 6. Star corporation has to insufficient funds to buy anymore corporations but the player forgot to hit Pass
alexpung: How is the passing in phrase 6 works? Do the trading continues until every company passed or once you pass you cannot trade anymore?
Toby: @Eric it does do this. Star had $11 which means it could have bought more companies
Toby: @alex that's correct
Eric H.: I must have misread the Treasury, sorry
Eric H.: We have been waiting 3 days for someone to do their turn in game 758. What happens if they have dropped out of the game?
RedCounters: lol I think I broke 773
Toby: @redcounters, you need to close 2 of your 3 companies
RedCounters: thanks Toby
Eric H.: Something is wrong with game 758. I believe I should have $6 turn after collecting income
Eric H.: This turn I mean. I ended last turn with $3
Eric H.: Never mind I scrolled too far back on my phone, I'm bad. Io gave a hard time reading my IPhone when I am on the road
Eric H.: Can't even type write in this damn thing
DanielB: Hi Toby, Game 766, should Ship, which is in receivership, somehow automatically close it's red companies and receive it's 2x income now that they produce -1$ income?
Toby: @daniel they will close when cost of ownership is $4
RobertD: Or they will close when the company cannot afford to pay their debt, so if they are at -1 income they will close if they have $0 in bank and hit the income phase.
Toby: deleted some abandoned games
Eric H.: Toby, is there anywhere I can get simple instructions on how to install and deploy the GitHub code to a standard Ubuntu LTS box? I was interested in hosting a game at home for people using IPads. I wanted a local server so I would not be dependent on my Internet connection.
Toby: @Eric no. But I'm happy to walk you through it. Production runs ubuntu and I dev on OS X
Toby: Would you like me to email you to follow up?
Eric H.: That would be great. Thanks. I believe you have my email in my profile. Or you could just a README to the Github repository outlining the steps for getting things up and running under Ubuntu/Debian.
Eric H.: Add. README
Eric H.: Damn IPad. "Add a README file"
Toby: sent you an email
DanielB: Toby, in V2.0, do you know if it is possible to buy companies that are operating at a loss from a company in receivership at discount prices (minimum, etc.)...
Toby: Not possible
RedCounters: DanielB: just buy a share then you can
RobertD: Yeah, you can never buy a company from a company, since companies cannot own other companies. But like RedCounters said, you can buy a Company from a Corporation in receivership by first buying a share of the Corporation. :p
Eric H.: Toby, is there any provision for re-assigning a slot to anther player? One of my games has completely stalled due to player inactivity.
Toby: no
Toby: i can reset his password, log into his account, and auto pass him
Toby: which game?
Eric H.: Game #758 Thanks!
Eric H.: Can you restore his password after you pass him. I am not 100% sure he is permanently done. The current action does not see to be an important one.
Eric H.: He is hosting his own game (#766) so a permanent password reset could affect other games as well.
Eric H.: I can't speak for what the players in #766 want. As the host of #758 I figured I was within my rights.
RobertD: Why would you ditch him from a game when he's only been gone 3 days?
RobertD: This is definitely not acceptable to me. Unless there is some evidence he has quit the site, 3 or 4 days should not constitute kicking somebody out of a, or forcing them to skip turns.
RobertD: I'm fine with it if there is a posted rule requiring activity within a certain number of days, but then it should have to be enforced across the board.
Eric H.: As the Owner of game #758 I should be allowed to determine what happens in my game. I don't think it should be enforced acroos the board. There should be an additonal field during the game creation phase where the game owner indicates the expected pace of gthe game. www.boardgamearena does this for its games.
RedCounters: "As the Owner of game #75" you make clicking "create game" sound like you put sooo much effort into it.
RedCounters: Yeah I'm against it too. People get sick/etc. It's not rr18xx, your not limited to 10 games
Eric H.: Against what? Against modifying this particular game or giving people that create games the ability to set conditions for those who play in their games? People do get sick. It takes Ike 30 seconds to tell people you are sick in chat
Eric H.: people playing in multiple games makes things worse if people get really slow. People shouldn't be allowed to play in multiple games if they take 3 to 4 days to do a turn. That impacts many more people.
RedCounters: yes. boardgamearena is not the design good sites should mimic. people in chat telling people to hurry up. and how is it "impacting on people" may I ask?. Is your life so slow you sit around waiting for your turn? You get an email when it's your turn. If you have an issues create multiple games. Some might be fast, some might be slow. That's the nature. But saying "this site should be run like this other site" is arrogant
RedCounters: Look at this chat, people are against it.
RedCounters: Even in a site that has fast game/slow game etc (boardgamecore) the pace is "just for information"
RedCounters: the problem is you are looking for a systems method of enforcing stuff, and boardgamearena does it a really bad way. play for a while, and invite people who are timely to your next game. every game of 18C2C (a 24 hour game IRL) on rr18xx is done using that method
Eric H.: I didn't say this site should be run like BoardGameArena. I said that people creating games should be given an option to designate the desiired pace for the games they create.
Eric H.: I don't want to play in multiple games. I just want to play in a single game with like-minded people who want to play at a faster pace.
RedCounters: well make friends and find likeminded individuals
DanielB: Eric H. I'm down for fast games. I can typically move 3-8x a day with ease.
DanielB: Tobi loves to play fast
Eric H.: Daniel, thanks. I putting together a game (#796) with some old friends and social aquaintances but I will probably need 1 or 2 people to fill the remaining slots if I don't get any more takers by Monday. The anticipated pace is not going to be super fast but definitely faster than the current pace for #758 (which is still stuck)
Eric H.: I am using a dummy Placeholder account to reserve a slot in upcoming game 796 for an old acquintance that is still deciding whether he wants to play.
Toby: ya 3 days isn't enough for me to reset his account.
Toby: The best way right now is to make a game and state the expected pace.
Toby: I don't have the motivation to add timers or anything like that. I've stopped playing on my own site because the pace of async games is too slow for me.
Toby: It's gencon right now so maybe he's busy there.
Eric H.: Do chat entries in a game modify the "Last Move" time? I made a comment in game #758 and it looks like the "Last Move" field updated. I am pretty sure no move was made.
Eric H.: Just tested and it looks like it comments definitely do modify the "Last Move" field. Can the code be modified to only consider only actual submitted moves when updating the field value?
Toby: hmmm maybe I'd have to look
RedCounters: Your not Eric Holder by any chance? Your as whiney as him.
Eric H.: I was not addressing my comment to you. I was addressing Toby who is the programmer of the site. I made what I considered to be a legitimate observation about how the site code works and was certainly not "whining". if Toby considers it "whining" then I will happily stand down. I
Eric H.: Admire and respect the tremendous work that Toby has put into this site and was offering a suggestion to improve it.
Eric H.: I will send my comments to to Tobt via
Eric H.: email from now on.
Toby: @redcounters... there's no need to attack others. lets keep it civil please
Scott Petersen: I agree that comments should not trigger an email. But it's also okay as is. Looks like you guys are having fun at Gencon!
Toby: Yup. Having a blast!
Toby: You can disable email notifications in the game on the bottom of it.
Toby: But it's all notifications.
DanielB: Eric, are you ready to start 796 or looking for another player? Perhaps Toby or Weiswurst? your aiming at a speedy game? what's your expectation?
Eric H.: Daniel, looking for one more player for #796 and we can start. I would hope people could manage to check at least once a day to see if they need to do their turn. Anything faster is icing on the cake.
Sean Coleman: @eric H - may I join 796
Eric H.: Sean, we do need another player. I only ask is that players make a good faith effort to keep a decent pace. If "real life" affects anyones ability to keep the pace, please do the other players a courtesy and drop a note into the game letting us know how long you think you will be delayed.
DanielB: Eric H. want to reach out to ZWS or Dirk? we could go with 5p with erik, or expand to 6p?>
Eric H.: 5 players is good. I don't know either of the people you mentioned but if you want to bring anyone in that can meet the pace that is fine. I am just waiting for the last slot to fill.
Eric H.: ANd
Eric H.: We've started..
New Games
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Description: Original - Fast Paced, please don't join if you can't commit to playing at least daily for next 2 weeks
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Round: 6 Phase: 9
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Players: Sean Coleman, trump1816, Gary
Result: trump1816 $125, Sean Coleman $111, Gary $89
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